Experience the unique taste of Ireland in the cuisine brought to you by our talented and innovative chef, József Tar. József creates classic and contemporary, Irish and Hungarian dishes, to perfection, and has tailored our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus to satisfy all palates. While Irish people may call it a home away from home, our traditional Fish n Chips and Full Irish breakfast have made it a local favourite for Budapestians too!
Combined with our fantastic food, our spacious and contemporary setting makes Jack Doyles's Irish Pub & Restaurant Budapest a great dining experience.
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Hungarian Goulash   (cc.0,3 litre) 1450 Ft


The Hungarian stew with beef, vegetables and spices

Cheesy Garlic Bread         1100 Ft

Garlic ciabbatta strips smothered in mozzarella

Spicy Buffalo Wings - Our wings are famous!        1650 Ft

Served with a sour cream.

Spicy Buffalo Wings & Crunchy onion rings         2600 Ft

Bruschetta         1050 Ft

Toasted ciabbatta topped with diced tomatoes, garlic & fresh basil


Southern Fried Chicken Goujons        3150 Ft

Southern fried chicken goujons served with garlic mayo, fries & mixed leaves

Thai Green Chicken Curry            2950 Ft

Spice up your life with our chicken curry served with rice

Chicken breast           2690 Ft

Grilled chicken with fresh salad (Low Cal)


Shrimp tagliatelle           2990 Ft  

In white wine, garlic and basil sauce                                                                        


Ceasar Salad        with chicken 2490 Ft

                               with salmon  2790 Ft


Goats Cheese Salad        2590 Ft

Grilled goat cheese served on a bed of mixed leaves, spring onion,tomatoes and sweet balsamic dressing

Beef Salad        2690 Ft

Strips of beef with rustic potatoes, blue cheese, crispy onion rings and tossed leaves


The Ultimate Chocolate Fix   1050 Ft



All of these dishes are ideal for two or three to share as a snack or a starter

The Jack Doyle's House Platter         7500 Ft

Southern-fried chicken pieces, buffalo wings, meatballs, BBQ pork ribs, crispy potato wedges and beer battered onion rings. Served with BBQ sauce, salsa and sour cream dips

The Jack Doyle's Light Platter     7500 Ft
Breaded chicken strips, goujons of cod in crispy beer batter served with croquettes and side salad with garlic mayo and remoulade sauce.

Nachos        2500 Ft

A mound of tortilla chips with melted cheese, topped with spring onion, jalapenos, and  sour cream

Add crispy bacon bits      300 Ft

      grilled chicken               700 Ft

The bread & cheese board        6500 Ft

A selection of rustic breads and cheeses with dipping oils and balsamic vinegar


Fish'n'Chips            3450 Ft

Cod in a crispy beer battered served with fries, pea puree & remoulade sauce

Grilled Salmon Steak      4250 Ft

Grilled salmon with baby potato and broccoli


Choose your sauce: Garlic Butter, Guinness and Onion, Peppercorn

JD's Fillet Steak      4990 Ft

With fresh salad, thousand island dressing & rosemary potatoes


Potatoes anyway you like        950 Ft

Mashed, home made potato wedges

Fries         950 Ft

Add cheese and garlic     200 Ft

The Jack Doyle  House Salad     1150 Ft

Coleslaw         850 Ft

Onion Rings        850 Ft

Grilled vegetables         1150 Ft

Breakfast Options

Full Irish  Breakfast 2950 Ft

2 bacon, 2 sausages, 2 eggs, black pudding, beans, & toast

The Mini 1950 Ft

Half of the Full Irish breakfast

The Scrambler 1350 Ft

Fluffy scrambled eggs with cheese & bacon on toast

Cheesy Omelette 1550 Ft

Omelette with cheese & fries on the side


Traditional Shepherd's Pie             2950 Ft

Minced meat carrots, peas & onions topped with mash potato, oven baked

Beef & Guinness Pie            3600 Ft

Beef & vegetables in a stout gravy & topped with puff pastry

Spicy Ribs        3500 Ft

Spicy BBQ ribs served with home made potato wedges

Bangers & Mash         2800 Ft

Herbs sausages on a bed of mash smothered in a Guinness & onion gravy


All served on a floury bun with beef tomato, red onion, fries & side salad

The Classic Burger         3150 Ft

Beef burger topped with bacon,cheese, red onion & relish with coleslaw and fries on the side

Club Sambo        3150 Ft

Breast of chicken, crispy bacon, cheddar cheese & sweet chilli mayo

Hot Stuff        3150 Ft

Beef burger with Jalapeno peppers, sweet chili & créme fraiche

The Full Irish         3150 Ft

Beef burger with crispy bacon, black pudding & a pan fried egg

World Cup Burger      3150 Ft

Beef burger with crispy bacon, avocado and salsa

Steak Baguette     3150 Ft

Steak strips in a crispy baguette with roasted tomato, caramelised onion served fries and salad